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9 Year old Sleep Study

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9 Year old Sleep Study

Postby idmom4 » Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:51 pm

My daughter has a genetic disorder (18p minus syndrome) and recently had a sleep study. I attend a recent conference for 18th chromosome syndrome and a pediatric sleep specialist said that many sleep studies are being scored with adult criteria. I received a copy of my daughter sleep study in the mail and was curious if pediatric or adult criteria was used.

Total Recording: 574 min.
Total Sleep Time: 360 min.
Sleep Efficiency: 63%
Sleep onset latency: 14 min.
REM latency: 390 min.
197 min. spent in wakefulness after sleep onset

Stage 1 sleep 1.5% of sleep time
Stage 2 sleep 44.6
Slow Wave Sleep: 36.9
REM Sleep: 16.9

Patient may have had rare respiratory paradox, and one episode where she was arching her neck while is deucubitus position.

Total 8 spontaneous arousal, 5 central apneas, 1 hypopnea, and 39 respiratory effort related arousals.

Apnea/Hypopnea index was very mildly elevated at less than 1 with the respiratory disturbance index at 7.5
Central Apnea Index within normal at less than 1
Two periodic breathing episodes totally 1 minute 2 sec.
All central episodes occurred during REM sleep, not an obvious positional component

CO2 7.5 total sleep with values greater than 50 torr

0.3% total sleep time with oxygen sat. less than 89%
Majority of hypoxemic episodes occurred during central apneas in REM sleep & were very mild

Sinus rhythm during examination was expected & minimal & maximal heart rate of 52 & 112, without evidence of bradycardic.

Sleep architecture was remarkable for a decrement of REM sleep. No obvious seizure activity notes, but full seizure EEG montage was not utilized.
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Re: 9 Year old Sleep Study

Postby allergymd » Sun Oct 09, 2011 2:36 am

Pediatric or adult criteria have to do with the number of events on the ahi or rdi that is considered abnormal. By adult criteria- the sleep study is not significantly suggestive of airway obstruction. But by peds criteria it suggests upper airway obstruction. For kids one or more apnea or hypopnea per hour is abnormal. Plus- we don't use co2 levels for adults. The co2 level above 50 is abnormal.
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