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Sleep study while having a minor cold?

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Sleep study while having a minor cold?

Postby Gabe » Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:25 am

Hi Everyone!

Quick question. I will have a sleep study coming up next week. However, I feel that I am coming down with a minor cold with chest congestion. I don't have a fever and I don't cough but my chest feels tight and have some shortness of breath. I usually have this when I catch a cold. So... will this condition alter the results of the sleep study? Should I postpone the study and go back when I am completely healthy?

Thank you!
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Re: Sleep study while having a minor cold?

Postby themonk » Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:36 am

Anything that impacts the passage of air through your nose will impact your study results. This includes colds, allergies, deviated septum, polyps, etc.

To answer directly, having congestion will impact your results. It is possible you could see an increase in the number of flow limitations which could be flagged as RERA's. Enough RERA's and you get tagged w/ having UARS.

Plus having a cold likely means you won't sleep well anyway, or at least restfully.

It is worth a call to your doc to get their opinion. My advice is to make them back up whatever they say. In other words, don't trust them to have your best interest at heart. If they say it won't impact the results, ask them why not. If they say it will, ask them why.

You can google 'allergic rhinitis and sleep' to find information on nasal congestion and sleep. There are plenty of research publications. You can extrapolate from there regarding colds/congestion.
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Re: Sleep study while having a minor cold?

Postby truckerdad57 » Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:07 pm

Another suggestion....

Make sure the sleep lab agrees in writing.. to repeat the study at no cost if for any reason the cold interferes with the results.

Most labs have issues scheduling sleep studies so they will be resistant to rescheduling as it might mean they have an open bed they won't be able to bill for if you reschedule.
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