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Needed to increase pressure again. What does that indicate?

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Needed to increase pressure again. What does that indicate?

Postby frankrichards » Sat Sep 10, 2011 11:43 am

I've been using a cpap machine for about 6 years and normally works great for me. I stay compliant and don't remove it through the night, however some nights I get to bed late and on those nights I'm probably averaging 4-5 hours of sleep.

I am overweight and smoke and have hypertension unfortunately for which I am on blood pressure medication. Lately, my blood pressure has been very high and that has me concerned. I went in and they are increasing my cpap pressure again. If I resume to feeling fine again and my blood pressure returns to a lower level, what does this actually indicate in that I needed to increase my pressure again? I'm afraid this is just a stop-gap measure or should I not be concerned that I've needed to readjust the pressure and just be happy if I start feeling good again.
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Re: Needed to increase pressure again. What does that indic

Postby Vicki » Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:46 pm

As we age, our tissues changes and it is very common for pressures to need to be adjusted. Other things that indicate a need for a pressure increase (or decrease) are changes in weight, medications, etc. It is very important to keep monitoring your pressure requirements so that your apnea stays treated and you do not suffer cardiovascular or other systemic effects. That may be why your blood pressure was high. Did you have a sleep study to determine accurately and objectively what your pressure requirements are at this time?

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