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Child adjusting to new CPAP troubles...

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Child adjusting to new CPAP troubles...

Postby Beckyjust » Thu Jul 28, 2011 4:13 am

Hello- My name is Becky. It is nice to meet you :O)

I'm on here, late tonight, because my 8 year old son is really struggling with the CPAP machine. He was perscribed this machine the first week of June. It seemed, the first week he was going to take well to it. I think he thought the mask was pretty cool. Anyway, after that, it has been a constant struggle for both him and me.

He is not obese, however, he is a big guy. 4'9" tall and about 130 lbs. Wears a size 8 mens shoe. :O) I am very proud of him.
We are on his second mask now- first, he had the full face mask, now we are trying the nasal one. He absolutely refuses to wear it. He said the first mask made him feel like he was suffocating, the nasal mask causes his nostrils to burn and he can't stand the sound of the machine.

I've tried putting it on him after he goes to sleep, always within minutes, he will wake up and pull it off- then immediately reach over to turn it off, because he doesn't like the sound.

He has had a tonsillectomy and his adenoids have been removed. Currently, he ramps to maximum setting of 5. He's using the SR Elite II w/ humidifier. I tried turning the humidifier up, but he had discomfort with the warmness of the air.

I even tried on the masks, to see if I could feel what he was feeling - and I certainly did. I understand why he doesn't want to wear it. But I also understand the possible implications of him not wearing it, and I am not going to scare him into using it either.

Oddly, or not so oddly (I don't know), I have noticed that he no longer snores as he did before without the machine. I have watched him at night with the CPAP and found, in the short time he does where it, that he will stop breathing for a few seconds and suddenly take a big gasp of air.

I am struggling about whether this is the right thing for him or not. Any advice would be appreciated on this matter.
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Re: Child adjusting to new CPAP troubles...

Postby lorenzomama » Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:47 pm

I'm sorry you haven't found any helpful advice here yet....I know if Tiffany logs in, she'll have tons of tips. You might also post in the CPAP forum...
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