Got my cpap today insurance is medicaid and was told...

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Got my cpap today insurance is medicaid and was told...

Postby furbeepapa » Wed May 19, 2010 11:51 pm

I was told that medicaid only pays for one kind of machine and if I wanted one with the data I had to pay an additional 150.00 of which I don't have. They fitted me with the Resmed mirrage Quattro full mask and am on an auto pap (Respronics not sure which kind ( she didn't say and it doesn't either) for two weeks for a home study. After they get my cc then they will get me the script for my own machine.

Question,,, Can I get my own card reader for the machine I am going to possibly get off the internet? Or does that only work with some? It isn't something I could get till my husband gets back to work but it would be the best senerio since I will have the machine 5 years.

Otherwise if I want to know what it is I will HAVE to take it to the DME to read it. That woman is going to hate me... I'm not one for being left in the dark. She said she would give me copies of the readouts for the doctor but I would like to know if I am leaking or all the other questions that come up on a daily to weekly basis.

PLEASE tell me there are options out there...

On a great note... I took a nap today with the cpap and other than not being able to get the house quiet enough to really take the nap I was able to handle it well. The only thing was once I got done with my 30 minutes my chest was sore. Is this going to happen until I toughen up due to not breathing this way or is this something to be alarmed about already?

You guys have been great! This is my third post and I always get quick precise answers and loving, encouraging thoughts. Thank you all for your help during this time of need.
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I got through my first night pretty easy.

Postby furbeepapa » Thu May 20, 2010 12:45 pm

I slept through the whole night other than waking around 4am because I had to check on hubby. He was still up because he couldn't sleep with me sounding like Darth Vader from Star Wars. Hopefully he will get used to it soon. I'd hate to think of one of us sleeping on the couch all the time. The pressure I was at when I woke up was 10.5, And due to Ambien I don't remember most of the experience thank goodness. Made for a fast transition. My nose isn't sore and my throat isn't sore so I guess the Humidity on 2 was ok., Though I may crank it up to three tonight because my mouth got real dry last night during sleep.
Diagnosed April 19, 2010.Resmed Mirage Quattro full face mask, REMstar Pro C-Flex +, System One Humidifier on 2, Pressure of 8
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Postby Janknitz » Thu May 20, 2010 4:11 pm

If your state's Medicaid will pay for only one machine, you can easily find out what it is and then we can answer whether or not you will even need a card reader. Ask the DME.

However, don't take your DME's word for it. Try to find another DME that takes Medicaid and see if they can provide you with a data capable machine, particularly if that's how your doctor writes the script for it.

I'm a little suspicious of your DME. Medicaid probably has a set amount they will pay for the machine, rather than dictating which specific machine you can get. It might be that the DME wants as much profit as possible, and therefore will provide you with the cheapest machine they can get away with. I might be wrong, Medicaid differs in every state, but I'd check with other DME providers who take Medicaid to be sure.
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