Any feedback on chin straps or mouth piece for dry mouth

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Any feedback on chin straps or mouth piece for dry mouth

Postby dbl20dee » Sun May 31, 2009 5:29 pm

Does anyone have feedback on a adjustable chin strap to prevent my jaw from dropping open while sleeping?(respironics makes one) I have used bipap for 2 yrs and it has helped me sleep much better. I can usually sleep 6hrs uninterupted with my nasal mask, but i do notice that on some occasions I wake with extreme dry mouth & throat. I have mild OSA & use a nasal mask w/pillows & chin stap. Part of the problem is when my jaw drops open it lowers the nasal pillows from being firmly under my nose & allows air to escape thru my open lips and from under nasal pillows. I sleep with ear plugs so the leaking air doesn't bother me.

I was also wondering if anyone had good feedback on mouthpieces or chin staps to use while camping or back packing. I love tent camping in out of the way places where I cant use my bipap and its hard to get decent rest with my jaw dropping open. I tried a over the counter boil & fit mouth piece but I couldn't barely close my lips over it & it made my gums/jaw sore after a couple hrs.

Thanks for any help.
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