Life expectancy of CPAP masks

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Life expectancy of CPAP masks

Postby eddieo » Thu Mar 04, 2010 7:56 pm

Hi folks,
My last 11 months on CPAP has been pretty good, and I can say I am getting better sleep than a year ago (not being on CPAP), but not great......and that could be because of my bed, stress, maybe my machine is not set for what I need (I had asked my Dr. a while back, and he had downloaded my data from the machine and he said it was in the acceptable range), etc.

2 question:,

I was wondering what the life expectancy of a CPAP mask (ResMed Mirage Quatro) might be with continuous nightly use (8 hrs), weekly cleaning on a mask that I have worn for 10 1/2 months.

I'm getting good sleep, but not great, and my CPAP machine (Respironics REMStar Auto M series w/ A Flex) is set up to auto feature, so that it adjusts according to what my breathing needs during the night. I have a card in it for data purposes, and this is the data I pulled from the display:

90% Pressure
7 day avg. 8.6
30 day avg. 8.8

System Leak
7 day avg. 28.0
30 day avg. 28.6

Apn-Hyp Index
7 day avg. 1.6
30 day avg. 1.6

Any insight or tips would be appreciated.

thx, Ed
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Postby Bearded One » Thu Mar 04, 2010 9:03 pm

Your numbers look great. Masks in general will last quite a long time (years). The soft parts that contact your face are the parts that usually deteriorate first (after many months) -- and they are usually replaceable for less money than for a new mask.

A year or more is very reasonable lifetime for the soft parts of a mask.
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