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Nasal Pillow Nasal Soreness

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Nasal Pillow Nasal Soreness

Postby sweetdreamz » Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:31 am

I am new here, and I have been trying to use my Quattro FX full face mask for 12 nights, but I keep getting leaks. I am going to try nasal pillows (if that's what the DME recommends), but I noticed when I tried them at the sleep lab they hurt my nostrils. I've heard using water-based lubricants can help. Does anyone have any advice? I also heard turning up the humidification helps. I have it pretty low with the FFM because of the claustrophobic feeling I still get. I turn it up when my mouth and nose get dry.

Also, am I going to get piggy nose? :oops: I am afraid my nostrils will get bigger. So vain, aren't I? My nostrils are big enough already!

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Re: Nasal Pillow Nasal Soreness

Postby mayondair » Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:43 am

The pillows should not hurt, the larger part of the cone should rest outside your nose against your nares.only the tip inside.If you are getting a piggy nose feeling,your headgear is to tight. The pillows come in sizes, so if you are not getting a good seal comfortably, try another size. Hold the pillows up to your nose, turn on the machine and adjust headgear, this allows the pillows to inflate and seal. Lanisoh, an ointment used by nursing mothers may help. Find it in the baby aisle. It's a little tacky, a tiny dab will go a long way and it won't harm the silicone.
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Re: Nasal Pillow Nasal Soreness

Postby Xney » Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:33 pm

They might be slightly sore for a few days as your nose adjusts. Any more than that, and they are either too tight, or a bad fit. Try a different pair in that case. It's natural to want to wear them too tightly at first, but the seal itself should keep them mostly in place, rather than the straps pulling them.
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Re: Nasal Pillow Nasal Soreness

Postby Lynn731 » Tue Apr 02, 2013 2:41 pm

I had that problem with nasal pillows, and a full mask made sore places under my nose. I tried a device which looks like an over sized oxygen canula, but with a headstrap to hold it in place. I love this thing, have used it for years. I wipe it down with wet ones each day, and when the elastic gets too worn out, I get a new one. It makes nothing sore.
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Re: Nasal Pillow Nasal Soreness

Postby snuzyQ » Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:26 pm

I Qtip a dab of AYR Saline nasal gel (available most major pharmacies) into each nostril before masking up...this is sooo soothing and will not damage the nasal pillows.

The Swift FX nasal pillows has several sizes to try included in the package. The right size for you will slide right in without any effort, but if they are too small, you will experience leaks around the edges. The technician who fits you for these will eyeball it and make a best guess...and will probably get it right.

Not snug is best for the nasal pillows. It will feel at first as if it is too loose to possibly stay in place...but it does. You will not look like a "piggy" from wearing this over time...I promise! For we ladies with hair on our heads, bringing our hair up and over the back headgear strap is very helpful in keeping the mask in place all night. They make a Swift FX For Her nasal pillows...we ladies get to have pink!

Your own comfort level will guide you on your humidification issue and that will be fine.

Have fun with your new mask.
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Re: Nasal Pillow Nasal Soreness

Postby sweetdreamz » Tue Apr 02, 2013 6:32 pm

Thanks everyone. I got the Swift FX nasal pillows, but they didn't have the pretty pink straps - just the gray. Maybe if they work, next time I can get the pink ones! My daughter will like those! She only sees me when she's home from college and is still not used to seeing me masked up. Now my 16-year-old son will call me some kind of elephant name. I'll wait and see tonight! He was calling me "Darth Vader" with my other mask! My husband calls me that too. It's okay, because my 25-year-old son calls me "zombie" because of how I look when I am sleep deprived, which has been much too long! I'll take the sleep-mask names over the sleep-deprived names. We do joke around a lot in my house, and it helps us get through tough times. Finally getting diagnosed is a blessing.

The guy from the DME showed my how to pull my hair over the strap in the back. I'm glad to hear this helps to keep it in place because at the sleep lab the nasal pillows ended up in my ear by the morning! I think they weren't fitted correctly - it was just for my titration. The DME guy also told me not to put any type of gel into my nostrils, but I think he has to say that.

Wish me luck! ;-)
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