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Electric Co. Offers Baseline Allowance for CPAP Users

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Electric Co. Offers Baseline Allowance for CPAP Users

Postby cpup » Thu Jan 26, 2012 7:01 pm

Hey Fellow CPAP-ers! FYI - - -

I just found out that as an Southern CA Edison customer, and CPAP user, I qualify to receive a Medical Baseline Allocation (MBA). The MBA provides an additional amount of kWhs per day at the lowest baseline rate in effect to qualified customers. The program says if you or someonewho shares your home full-time, require certain medical equipment for life support or to treat specific illnesses, Southern CA Edison's Medical Baseline Program can provide you with an additional baseline energy allowance which at the end, can lower your electric bills anywhere from $50 - $100 per month!

The CPAP machine is on the list of qualifying life-support devices. If you live in the Southern CA area and are serviced by SCE, visit their website and pull up Medical Baseline Program and print out the form. Have your doctor fill out his portion and return to SCE and you're set!!! \:D/

Qualified customers receive an additional 16.5 kWh per day! =D> If you are NOT a Southern CA Edison customer, you may want to check with your local electric provider to see if they have a similar program or discount.

The other wonderful thing about this program? If there is ever a rolling blackout in the area where you live, an automated call will be made to forewarn you before it takes place.
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Re: Electric Co. Offers Baseline Allowance for CPAP Users

Postby onewaypockets » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:29 am

I appreciate you making this known. I live within SCE's service area, and we will be looking into this!
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Re: Electric Co. Offers Baseline Allowance for CPAP Users

Postby K5MOW » Mon Feb 06, 2012 7:22 am

Thanks I did know this but I needed to be reminded so I call are power provider.

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