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Dreaming and CPAP

This area is for CPAP Mask and CPAP Machine Related Questions used in the treatment of Sleep Apnea.

Dreaming and CPAP

Postby kmod21 » Tue Nov 01, 2011 11:47 am

Hi all,
I'm just about to get my first CPAP machine and I'm a little nervous. I only have apneas during REM sleep, so my doctor told me using the CPAP might result in more dreaming. The problem is, I pretty much only have terrible dreams. I don't WANT more dreaming. I wondered if having apneas during REM sleep may be causing bad dreams, but my doctor said probably not.
Has anyone else experienced a surge in dreams after starting the CPAP? Did it change what you dream about?
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Re: Dreaming and CPAP

Postby SleepyToo » Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:56 pm

The terrible dreams may be a symptom of your sleep apnea - the brain/mind's response to the oxygen starvation it is being subjected to every few minutes/seconds. I don't recall dreaming very often now, and the dreams I do remember are much less violent since starting CPAP. Before starting, I dreamt of crashing my car several times - one I remember particularly vividly because it had me driving off the edge of a cliff with my family. Not a nice thing to do. Since then, I have only had one bad dream that I can remember - just the other night. I was being attacked by a couple of people; I accepted the taunting for a little while, then decided I would defend myself with karate. I started the wind-up, and roared - only thing was, I was roaring in real life and woke my wife, who woke me. I was already in a sitting position! No 'death' for me in that dream! I have a bit of a cold, which may have affected my breathing to some extent, but I am just writing it off to one of those things.

If anyone can "diagnose" dreams, I might take a look but I don't take that kind of thing very seriously. Unless they are clearly premonitory.

Kmod21, may all your dreams be pleasant ones when you are on CPAP!
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Re: Dreaming and CPAP

Postby Vicki » Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:29 am

I call those nightmares "apnea dreams" and like SleepyToo said, they seem to be a way our brains try to make sense of sleeping and suffocating. Before I was treated I had horrible nightmares that someone was trying to hurt me or that I was suffocating under a variety of conditions (um, duh). Now if I have them I just recognize that I was stupid enough to go to sleep before I put my mask on. Please educate your doctor that those kinds of nightmares are extremely common (just search for nightmare at this site). I hope your doctor is not ignorant in other ways.

Nightmares can also be caused by other things like certain medications, stress, etc. so be aware of those triggers also.

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