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Do i really need a machine when I have low pressure

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Do i really need a machine when I have low pressure

Postby sandydee » Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:39 pm

New here .So sorry If I don't know the terms My machine is Remstar pro C flex----humidifier is system one heated -- mask is Wisp My pressure is set at only 3 & humidifier is 5 I had the mask for 3 days now The first day I couldn't sleep because of head ache & pressure in my head .Slept the next night but still I am getting pressure in my head & headache & ear aches >>My test shows my airways do not close all the way when I sleep BUT I have a total index of 40. 7 ..I don't think they can turn my air pressure down any more as then I don't even need a machine ..the headache is awful ANY IDEAS do I need this machine
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Re: Do i really need a machine when I have low pressure

Postby snuzyQ » Tue Feb 19, 2013 4:07 pm

Hi Sandy...and welcome again to the Forum.

You may need a higher start pressure to get comfortable with your therapy. Ask your tech to start you at pressure 5 at the very least. Most of us find that settings at 3 or 4 feel like room air to us. Your humidifier is set on its highest setting. Is there some reason for this? You may adjust your own humidifier setting and I would recommend a setting at 3 while you are adjusting to your CPAP therapy. You may also ajust your own ramp time settings. I reduced mine from 45 minutes to 10 minutes and this was a great help to me.

Even mild OSA can be very much helped on CPAP. Untreated, mild OSA can be very damaging to one's health over time.

It takes awhile to adapt to CPAP. There are a fortunate few who adjust right away, but most of us need a few months before we feel at home with this therapy. Keep up the good work. In time, you should feel much better. Good luck to you.
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Re: Do i really need a machine when I have low pressure

Postby sandydee » Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:18 pm

Thank you I have asked for the pressure to be turned up .The humidifier was set at high but I did turn it down myself today Try tonight .at 4 .because we live in the mountains in Canada the tech thought it should be high . I was given a mask a few years ago and couldn't stand it & gave up after a week.. I am going for surgery in April so want to make sure I'm ok this time .

I know I'm new & shouldn't give advice but to anyone ready to give up like I did I went to a different sleep tech company &this one is so much better .Also my mask is wonderful so small & I can use my eye glasses .THe wisp mask i have has NO leaks & so small & light I have a small hose that attaches to a bigger hose THank you again
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Re: Do i really need a machine when I have low pressure

Postby truckerdad57 » Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:09 pm

There are a bunch of settings on a CPAP that you can change to what you "like". Spend some time reading the users manual and/or have the tech teach you.

Humidification - you can turn this up or down. Living in the mountains you have normally drier air so setting it higher to start might work. You want to avoid your sinuses and airway getting dried out and irritated. (AKA bottle brush nose).

C-Flex - or EPR - this is an exhalation pressure relief system. It makes it easier to breathe out against the pressure of a CPAP. It can be adjusted by you.

Ramp - some people do not "like" trying to fall asleep against the pressure to the CPAP can be set to start out a lower pressure and "ramp" up to normal pressure over time.

It is going to take some time to get used to sleeping with a CPAP. Give it some time for you to adjust. Remember you've been sleeping with the apneas for years. Give your CPAP a little time to get used to it.

With and AHI as high as yours you REALY need to follow up with your treatment folks and use the cpap. Even though the pressure is low you still need it.
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