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Apnea cause pneumonia?

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Apnea cause pneumonia?

Postby Rocker11 » Sat Mar 03, 2012 9:33 pm

Forgive me as I talk out loud here. Im just a mom searching for answers from anywhere. My 4 year old son was just recently released from the hospital after 5 days for double pneumonia and RSV. He was placed on oxygen for low oxygen levels, high heart rate and high fever. All of which required him to have a blood transfusion. He was discharged 5 days later. No oxygen. he has a blood disorder called spherocytosis (reason for transfusion and because his hemoglobin levels dropped). This is his 6 bout with pneumonia. His hematologist says that the blood disorder should not cause this many pneumonias. Every cold he gets goes straight to his lungs. We have been to every Dr imagineable (hematologist, immunologist, ENT, pulminologist/allergist) and no one can give me answers why he gets pneumonia so much. I only stumbled on this board because since he has been home from the hospital he seems to grunt and hold his breath before falling alseep. he never did that before this last pneumonia. I ask him what is wrong, like a tummy ache and he says nothing. Not sure he even notices. So google has brought me here. Any ideas? he is anemic (always will be). The ENT wants to remove his adenoids because they "think" they may be causing the infections. No one knows for sure. His adenoids are only moderately enlarged. I obviously dont want him to have unnecessary surgery, esp reading on this board if he has sleep apnea (grunting and holding breath). Any suggestions? shoudl I request a sleep study? Could sleep apnea cause lowered immune sytem, causing pneumonia? Obviously I am grasping at straws here. I am tired of no answers. Even the Drs are perplexed as to the cause of all the pneumonias. is the grunting and holding of breath apnea related?

Since birth my child has never been a sleeper (figured he was like my husband). He was up every 2-3 hours until the age of 2. Then he started sleeping longer stretches. He takes a nap every day and always sleeps on his side.
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Re: Apnea cause pneumonia?

Postby greatunclebill » Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:37 pm

you can ask about apnea and testing for it, but i'm thinking that out of all the specialists you've seen, somebody would have thought about it. just because they haven't mentioned it doesn't mean they didn't think of it and ruled out the idea for several good reasons. this is a problem with doctors, leaving us hanging by telling us what they think it could be and not telling us what they have definitely ruled out.
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Re: Apnea cause pneumonia?

Postby Rocker11 » Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:40 pm

I also think the problem with Drs is they only cover certain areas/specialities and then there are those gray areas that they assume are covered by the other and they arent.
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Re: Apnea cause pneumonia?

Postby lsmt2012 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:37 pm

It doesn't hurt to at least try a sleep study. I am a 41 year old mother who just recently got diagnosed with sleep apnea. Mine is very severe - although I have never even had a doctor suggest that I might even have a problem. I don't really ever remember sleeping through the night. I remember my mom telling me how hard it was when I was an infant because I woke so frequently. As a child I always remember waking up at least twice a night. I also snored which my sister said started bad enough to wake her up when I was around 7 years old. When I got married 18 1/2 years ago, my husband informed me that I stop breathing in the night. I didn't feel I could sleep using cpap therapy so I did nothing. The bottom number of my blood pressure has been starting to get on the high side and I informed my doctor that I had sleep apnea and asked if that could be the cause. She said yes and ordered a sleep study. My ahi was 89.8(anything over 30 is considered severe). I also do believe in a mother's instinct and if you're asking I think you should follow through.
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Re: Apnea cause pneumonia?

Postby elcomputo1 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:52 pm

I suppose it's possible that sleep apnea can cause pneumonia, but I doubt that it's likely. We do know it causes or contributes to all other manner of diseases such as brain attacks (strokes) and heart disease.

However, it has been shown (see some older forums at this site) that the treatment for sleep apnea, the CPAP device, definitely causes pneumonia, bronchitis, and associated respiratory infections. The chief culprits, supposedly, are bacteria that form on CPAP masks, in hoses, and in the reservoirs of humidifiers.

I'm not so certain of this. I am not all that diligent (obsessive?) about cleaning up my equipment regularly, and I seldom have such infections -- except under one circumstance: when I use the type of mask that consists of two nasal "pillows" that are thrust directly from the hose into the nostrils. With this kind of mask, I am guaranteed to have a roaring case of bronchitis within three days. I suspect two things as possible causes:

One is that the air pressure seems to be higher. I don't know whether this is true or not, but it sure feels as though someone has plugged my nose into the business end of a wind tunnel.. If, indeed, there is more air rushing to my trachea, that means there are more particles of water from the humidifier going into my windpipe and going deeper down toward my lungs. Coming with the droplets are no doubt bacteria that would not ordinarily find their way into the trachea.

The second possibility is that, humidifier or no humidifier, that much air rushing into my nose is drying it out. Then, with the first normal breaths of air I take upon awakening, unfiltered air shoots right through those nasal passages (now dry as a bone), unimpeded by the now-absent mucus that normally absorbs the bacteria it carries and heads straight toward my lungs and sinuses.

I'm no doctor, so I could be all wet on this. But when I do ask doctors about this, they have no idea what might be causing the problem.

So, why don't I just stick to the regular mask? It looks like I'll have to, but the problem with the regular mask is that the one provided by the VA doesn't fit my face all that well. even though it's the closest fit. I therefore have the choice of putting up with it leaking constantly or cinching it so tight on my head that the margins cut into my skin.

Well, then, why don't I do what a doctor suggested and lose enough weight to put me at my recommended poundage? This is supposed to take the weight off my chin that is pushing my throat closed. Well, back in my younger days, I was way under my recommended weight, and that's when I found out I'd been having years of bad sleep, just like my father.

I don't believe there really is a terrific treatment for this disease. Unfortunately, the CPAP is the only thing we've got going for us. Bummer.
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Re: Apnea cause pneumonia?

Postby Vicki » Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:34 am

I tried to move your post to our pediatric forum where the great parents there can give you advice but we have new software and I couldn't figure out how to do it. So copy and paste your post into the pediatric forum which you will see on the main page.

Pediatric cases are really quite different than adult cases. I am sure you will get some responses. And, if your son does have sleep apnea, a CPAP doesn't have to be the bummer that some people feel it is. Education and an upbeat and positive attitude is 95% of successful treatment. The first thing you need to do is get a sleep study for your son. Ask your son's doctors that if he had sleep apnea, would an apneic event possibly cause an aspirate pneumonia?

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CPAP caused pneumonia

Postby lanz » Tue Jul 30, 2013 11:12 pm

After starting CPAP for moderate apnea, I got a double pneumonia in the deep bases of my lungs. I will never use CPAP again. During the hospitalization, I contracted MRSA, a colony of MRSA in my lungs. I seek a class action suit against CPAP.
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Re: Apnea cause pneumonia?

Postby mibley » Fri Aug 02, 2013 3:58 pm

Hi, I'm answering because I'm the mom of a very complicated special needs child. We have faced NUMEROUS respiratory issues over the years. Here's my 2 cents worth and hope it helps somehow. No, I don't think apnea causes pneumonias. The 'type' of water used in it might - tap water is a no-no. I just recently stopped using puffers and having excessive mucous when I switched from boiled kettle water to bought distilled water - go figure - Completely cleared me up. I was so shocked I couldn't believe it so did a trial myself and it indeed was the kettle water. The next thing is - his 'tummy ache' concerns me - does he have reflux? That was also an issue with my son and he was treated for multiple pneumonias and after MUCH ado, all it took was Prevacid and voila! 'pneumonias' disappeared. Perhaps some swallow studies? that will show if he is aspirating his food (going down the wrong way) does he 'sputter' sometimes when he eats? if so, that is a high prob that he is aspirating his food into his lungs - I find my son sneezes during every meal - seems to clear anything that might be on the threshold of being aspirated.Does his breathing get more rattly when he's playing, like tumbling or being upside down, maybe throw up? that's all part of reflux.
Is his breathing regular? The grunting and holding is breath is concerning - has anyone ever investigated him for Cheyne-Stokes respirations? What kind of anemia - macrocytic? etc?

I hope that helps somewhat, but they are some different avenues that have solved some of our issues, thankfully. If he is waking up every night - has he been investigated for seizures - my son also had regular seizures that we weren't picking up on - he woke at 4:00 am like clockwork and when a new medication was introduced into his regime he started sleeping through the night - at 11 years 2 months and 3 days old - nuf said.
Good luck!
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Re: Apnea cause pneumonia?

Postby just-shoot-me » Tue Aug 13, 2013 4:55 am

i highly doubt and sickness or problems from cpcp

is say like most its docs sound like a auto immune disorder get more opinions

cpap only prolongs or spreads if you dont clean daily and sanitize mask in hot soapy water

never ever use Alcohol or other chemicals a wide verity of citrus all natural nothing in them to damage

i clean every day i use the white pollen filter those get changed weekly

my provider gave me hepa between the mask and hose or the other way it dont matter

a clean machine i doubt sickness from it one not cared for would take a long time to build up harmful stuff

you also have to back way of antibacterial !@#! not a opinion look at our days look at sickness rate compared to now the need to be dirty nasty etc the germ are friend unlike current society says

how can the body lean and build immune tolerance if every second we are disinfecting a yes nasty debated fact let them eat there buggers the have germs the nose filters

we take so much away push antibiotic until a well known fact the wont work anymore

best of luck and i say find a pulmonologist

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