Air Travel with CPAP...not considered carry-on luggage...

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Air Travel with CPAP...not considered carry-on luggage...

Postby SleepTrouble » Wed Jul 13, 2005 11:13 pm

Hi there!

It's Lindsay here. I found an excellent source on this site for travelling by air with a CPAP machine.

The article is called "Do you use a CPAP machine and have plans to travel by air?" It states that a medical or assistive device is not considered a travellers' one carry-on bag or personal bag. It also has a link to the American Department of Transportation, and suggests printing this up and taking it with you to show airport personnelle. On the DOT, the Fact Sheet is called "Steps Taken to Ensure New Security Requirements Preserve and Respect the Civil Rights of People with Disabilities".

My question is whether there is a Canadian equivalent to this information, and a link that my clients could print up and take with them? I've been on the Transport Canada website and wasn't able to find anything. If anyone knows how or where I could find this information, I would greatly appreciate it!
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