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What type of doctor do you see?

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What type of doctor do you see?

Postby mrsstats » Sun Jul 09, 2006 1:18 pm

My GP sent me to the ENT. The sent me for the sleep study which shows severe obstructive sleep apnea. Had 2nd sleep study and used CPAP which stopped any apneas. Now waiting for results and doctor to prescripe treatment. Is this the right type of dr to be using for this or is there someone else I should be looking for?? Thanks for your help.
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Postby Hoish » Sun Jul 09, 2006 4:10 pm

I had to respond. I am in Selden. Had the same questions.

My GP sent me to an ENT. I had one visit with the ENT. He found no issue. His contribution to my health after that was to get the results from the sleep center and write scripts. No calls to me. No follow up appointments. When I did call, the RN would talk to me. The sleep center was not my doctor. They just ran the tests. They would call to tell me that results were sent to my doctor. When the cpap was ordered. Script sent from ENT to sleep lab. SLeep lab deals with Insurance and DME. No one was talking to me thru out the whole process.

So is the ENT the correct MD? Good question. For me I had a poor experience. I wondered if the ENT was actually that experienced with Apnea? That is probably a good question to ask! Would a pulmonologist be better specialist? Maybe the doctor at the sleep center?

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Postby Linda » Sun Jul 09, 2006 5:10 pm

Hi mrsstats,

I agree with Jim, that is a good question.

My GP sent me to a Pulmonary physician who arranged my sleep study and who worked with my insurance.
But the Pulmonary physician was closely connected with the sleep study lab, although I did not know entirely how.
He was good only in that he explained the results and told me I would be getting a bipap instead of a cpap.
I luckily had been reading these forums and thought enough to ask a few questions, like why a bipap and should I consider nasal pillows.
I was not wild about my pulmonary physician, but I've had no experience with others. I often hear on these forums how ENTs seem to be eager to promote surgeries. I don't know the answer, but it is interesting to hear other people's experiences.

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Postby SnoozeHunter » Sun Jul 09, 2006 6:53 pm

Both of my sleep docs are pulmonologists and board certified in sleep medicine. I supposed that makes them a little more knowledgeable about sleep apnea than the average gp, but I still don't have a lot of confidence that either of them really looked at my sleep studies and understood what was going on. This is going to sound very cynical, and I'm not usually a cynical person, but I think that if you fit neatly into the OSA profile, you'll be fine no matter what your doctor's specialty. If you fall outside that profile, it probably doesn't matter what their specialty, they won't know what to do with you.
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Postby BARBCCRN » Sun Jul 09, 2006 9:24 pm

OK,I am the girl who has the advantage.ICU Charge RN. My primary MD is also a pulmonologist. All rolled into a neat package,
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Postby Hoish » Sun Jul 09, 2006 10:45 pm

Bottom line. You are you own best advocate. I have needed to not wait for anyone to tell me anything. I call up the doctors and get the information.

1. Get a copy of all sleep reports. After all they are yours.
2. Get a copy of the prescriptions. With this in hand you can go elsewhere if you are not satisfied.
3. Keep reading the forums here. Tons of info.
4. Ask questions. Get answers.

On one of my calls to the ENT MD( errr um RN) I asked her opinion of APAP vs CPAP. Her response: I never heard of APAP!
Same RN told me I would get a heater humidifier which I did not receive because their office did not write it on the script. Call me a cynic, but I have come to expect this kind of treatment from the medical system.

I do not want to be totally negative. The ENT I saw I did think was a good doctor. Good exam. Good communication in the visit. He ruled out any problems from his perspective. Septum, Tonsils, Adnoids....

I have had the machine now for a couple of weeks. I feel super. A definite improvement.

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Postby lamplighter » Mon Jul 10, 2006 7:35 am

I went to the GP and asked for a sleep study. She didn't think I needed one, she feels that all the problems are related to over weight. I am about 30 lbs more than I'd like to be, but not obese. She did give me a # to call for the sleep clinic. They did the study, called me to tell me that the report and what the report was and that was sent to my Dr. She signed her name on a paper req a CPAP theraphy, and I took that back to the sleep clinic. The gave me an auto one for a week, which determined the pressure. I returned the auto, picked up my own cpap and the tech was really good. Set the pressure for me and way to go. A week later I had to take the oxygen test to see if those levels were up and they were. 2% of the time they were 96, 42 % at 97 and 52% at 98. So the pressure remained at 10. She then sent the results on the the GP. In the meantime before the CPAP or any diagonosis for OSA I was under the care of an ENT for nasal polyps and surgery was scheduled right smack in the middle of the wait for the results of the home study. My ENT thought it best to wait until the surgery was done and the healing inside the nose. He was really good about the cpap theraphy and sugggested that anytime I need to go to a hospital to bring the machine with me. The aneathiologist(sp?) was happy to know that I mentioned the apnea to him and had the staff on guard for the recouvery room. They kept coming to me telling me to breath. I could hear them talking that I had sleep apnea so we need to watch her for a bit and remind her to breath.

That was the 1st of June and I am all good now! Sleeping all night and hopefully will start seeing some results soon.
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What type of doctor do you go to?

Postby moondrop » Thu Jul 13, 2006 1:46 pm

Hmmm. I started with a GP who sent me to an ENT, who sent me to a cardiologist, who sent me to the sleep study, who sent me to a neurologist and an allergist. I am under the care of the neurologist. Very confusing here. My AHI started at 44 and is down to 12.5. I am not better at all. Numbers don't seem to mean a thing. The CPAP has not made me feel better at all. It did apparently take my oxygen level from 64 to 89.

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