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Dizzy when I close my eyes

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Dizzy when I close my eyes

Postby MarciL » Wed Mar 08, 2006 6:54 pm

Hi everyone. I need help please and I am waiting to hear back from my Dr.
I have had my CPAP for about 5 nights now, and it's been a huge help in that I can wake up in the morning (though I still need naps, I guess it takes a while to work)
My problem is that right when I'm ready to fall asleep and close my eyes, I get really DIZZY as all heck and have to sit up, open my eyes and wait a minute or so until it goes away.
Does anyone know why this happens? Anything I can do to stop it?
Now Im going to ave panic attacks worried about wearing this thing I was begging for for the last 6 months!!
My setting are 4, ramping to 6.
Thanks so much!!

Postby Vicki » Thu Mar 09, 2006 3:19 am

Hi Marcil and Welcome!

All I can think of is perhaps some anxiety. Instead of sitting up, try to focus on relaxing and taking slow, normal, full breaths. Really relax so that you feel as though you are sinking into your bed. And when you feel dizzy, don't let it panic you, just try to float with it like you are on waves on the ocean. Keep your eyes closed so that you can visualize someplace relaxing and pleasant. It is also important to realize you don't have to breath differently with your CPAP, just nice and slow.

Keep us posted!

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Dizzy when I close my eyes

Postby MarciL » Thu Mar 09, 2006 10:06 am

Hi and Thanks,

My Dr. said it's because of some kind of cold, sore throat, etc........ I know my ears haven't been the same since a plane landing a few weeks ago, and can hear/feel the fluid in there. I am going to call the Dr. today and make sure I don't have an infection or anything like that.
Last night I didn't have the problem; my Dr. told me to take 2 Xanax before bed instead of 1.
I guess that helped!
Thanks so much :-D

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