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SUAD or TAP 3, 1st device trying to get it right

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SUAD or TAP 3, 1st device trying to get it right

Postby titan01 » Thu Nov 12, 2009 7:41 am

Hi. Wondering if any have tried the SUAD, or switched to the Tap 3 Device, or vice versa? I was recommended each by different dentists. With the TAP 3 you obviously can not open your mouth and I have read many don't like the comfort factor regarding the tongue being pressed up against the adjustment area in the front. I have not tried either but need to make my decision soon. I have also read mouth breathers like myself do not tolerate the TAP well. Again, I have only read this on different sites and one DDS said patients had complained about the tongue issue.

Regarding the SUAD device, I understand it allows the mouth to open but keeps the jaw forward with struts along both sides. The DDS pushing this one said it would be better for mouth breathing and more comfortable overall and I would have better luck with it. She said my tongue is large which she believed would be a problem with the TAP 3 regarding comfort and toleration. She also sold SomnoMed Mas, and chose the SUAD over that one as well. She did not sell the Tap.

Here is a link showing all of the oral appliances today, over 30 to choose. The SUAD is 5th from bottom. Thanks. I am worried about the long term changes to my bite and teeth as some have stated they are fighting those problems now.

http://www.quietsleep.com/oralappliance ... iption.cfm

I have exhausted all avenues with CPAP, all surgeries, and all over the counter gimmicks and gadgets. You name it, I have tried it. If I could tolerate a permanent Trachea, I would have one put in again. I had a trachea for about 2 weeks and it was something that worked well, no obstruction obviously, but there were many issues that went along with it, so I had it taken out.

My total apneic index is 56.2 episodes per hour. 31 seconds being the longest episode, 21 seconds average. Like most I have chronic fatigue, no energy, and can fall sleep anywhere anytime. I have even run off the road in my car because I dozed off. Anytime I feel sleepy in the car now, I pull over and sleep for 15 minutes so that never happens again. I am not overweight so losing weight is not an option. I know it is the tongue that is causing my problem. My throat is gutted so there is nothing but the tongue to block the airway.

So, anyone know the best device for a very large tongue for compliance. Will any of the 3 mentioned above be better/ worse. It is hard to trust the DDS when each is guiding me to their device they sell. I would rather hear from other personal experiences. I would hate to think it was based on profit for them, but it is a business first.

It seems so many people have trouble with their bite changing, tooth pain, numerous visits to correct the device, etc, etc. It is the only thing I have not tried aside from breaking my jaw to pull it forward, I'll pass on that surgery, no more for me.

Thanks for taking the time to help.
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SUAD or TAP 3, 1st device trying to get it right

Postby skennedy » Sun Nov 29, 2009 1:26 am


You wanted personal experience. I can tell you anecdotally that the SUAD has worked out well for me. I was unable to tolerate CPAP and unconvinced about the surgical route. It took me a few nights to get used to it, but since then my "compliance" is like 99%. I'm frequently stuffy and need to be able to breathe through my mouth and swallow during the night. The SUAD gives me enough mobility to do those things while keeping the jaw from going too far back. It also allows some lateral motion, since the two sides slide in and out independently, which I think helps with the comfort. Adjusting the level of advancement isn't a big deal either, because it's done with little plastic spacers. I'm sure there are some devices that work better for some people than others, but this is doing it for me. I was worried at first about changes to my bite, but I haven't had serious problem in over three years with the thing. Maybe over a really long period there's some effect, but then crashing your car could rearrange your bite in a hurry.

Good luck!
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