4 & 3 years old both have obstructive sleep apnea

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4 & 3 years old both have obstructive sleep apnea

Postby tcbgirl » Wed Jul 22, 2009 1:54 pm


My 4.5 & 3 years old sons just got their sleep study results back. Both of them have obstructive sleep apnea. I don't have to full report yet since the ENT wants to see us on Aug 4th. However, for my 4 year old, we knew it was from his hugh tonsils eventhough he has never had infection. Both boys has their adenoids removed last year. My question is for my 3 year old, his tonsils are normal, so are they going to remove it too or there are other ways to help him.

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Edit because I forgot to say that my 4.5 year old has bad allergies and my 3 year old was born 2.5 months early and came home with an apnea monitor. He also had severe reflux up until he was 20 months old.
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